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Our privacy principles

Building products that are private by design for everyone.

We build products that are private by design and work for everyone. This means being thoughtful about the data we use, how we use it, and how we protect it.

These principles guide our products, our processes, and our people in keeping data private, safe and put you in control of your information.


We never sell your personal information to anyone.

We use data to make Google products helpful in moments that matter. Like helping you find a nearby restaurant or a more fuel-efficient route home.

We also use data to serve more relevant ads. While these ads make it possible for us to offer products free of cost for everyone, it's important to clarify that we never sell your personal information to anyone, including for ads purposes. It’s simply off limits.


We are transparent about what data we collect and why.

We want you to know what data we collect, how we use it, and why. Transparency is important, so we make this information easy to find and understand. This way, you can make informed decisions about how you use Google products.


We make it easy for you to control your personal information.

This means you can easily choose the privacy settings that are right for you and can control the personal information you have shared with Google whenever you want - including reviewing your data, downloading and moving it to another service if you wish, or deleting it entirely.


We reduce the data we use to further protect your privacy.

We never use content you create and store in apps like Drive, Gmail, and Photos for advertising purposes, and we never use sensitive information like health, race, religion, or sexual orientation to tailor ads to you.

We also made auto-delete controls the default when you sign up for a Google account, so that we regularly delete your online activity data tied to your Google account, like things you've searched for and watched.


We protect you by building products that are secure by default.

When you use our products, you trust us with your information and it’s our job to do right by you. That's why we use one of the most advanced security infrastructures in the world to protect your data.

Our products are designed to be secure by default and we constantly strengthen our security measures to detect and protect against evolving online threats, like bad actors trying to steal your personal information, before they ever get to you.


We build advanced privacy technologies and share them with others.

Keeping the internet open, private and safe is at the core of everything we do. Your online safety shouldn’t stop with Google – it should extend to the whole internet. That’s why we continue to innovate privacy technologies and make them widely available. We share our learnings, experiences, and tools with partners, organizations, and competitors, because keeping the internet safe requires everyone to work together.

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