Play it safe!

Some tips to help you navigate the internet more securely

Don’t use the same password for more than one account

If you use the same password for various accounts, they’ll all be at risk if an attacker learns that password.

Regularly install security updates

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to attack.

Stay logged in

If you’re constantly logging in and out, you open up the possibility of carelessly logging into a fake site designed to collect your log-in details.

Provide a recovery email address or telephone number

This allows the provider to restore your account if it gets hacked.

Learn about two-factor authentication

Increase your protection by adding a second factor to your password, such as a code sent via text, which you need in order to successfully log in to your Google Account. Those who want even more security can use a security token, such as the one employed in Google’s Advanced Protection Program.

Lock your screen

Your smartphone is a highly personal piece of technology containing lots of important information about you. Make sure it’s secure.

Regularly run a Google Security Checkup

In your Google Account, select “Security” and go through your security settings step by step. It only takes a few minutes.

Come up with a good password

The best passwords are hard to guess and easy to remember. One good strategy is to use a combination of upper and lower case letters or to create your own acronym from a sentence that means something to you. Once you have a solid password, there’s no need to regularly change it.

Share carefully

Be cautious about the personal information you share online. Public posts on social media or other forums can be easily accessed and abused by cybercriminals.

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