Learn how we’re building a robust, more inclusive cyber workforce.

We keep more people safe online than anyone else in the world.

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Our approach

Protect people, businesses, and governments

Security is the cornerstone of our product strategy. Which is why all our products have built-in protections that make them secure by default.

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Empower society to address cybersecurity risks

We empower societies to unlock the potential of open source, and share our knowledge and expertise transparently with the industry to keep ecosystems safer.

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Advance future technologies

We want to protect societies from the next generation of cyberthreats. Building on our AI expertise, we are designing the next wave of architectures to push the boundaries of security innovation.

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Protect people, businesses, and governments

We build advanced security into every stage of our product development and cloud infrastructure. This enables organizations to modernize and strengthen their IT security while helping users protect their personal information and access the Internet safely.

Empower society to address cybersecurity risks

We’re partnering with cybersecurity leaders, governments and security communities to advance global standards that put user protections first, combat disinformation and share threat intelligence to keep the Internet open and secure for everyone.

Advance future technologies

We work to safeguard vulnerable users from online attacks while protecting their privacy through advancements in AI, hardware, cloud computing and driving international standards for quantum computing.

Collaboration to make the internet safer for everyone

Cybersecurity is a team sport, and when we work together, we can spur innovation and advance best practices that benefit all in this complex, rapidly-evolving landscape.

Meet the hackers keeping people safe online

Five elite security teams. Six never-before-told stories. Go behind the scenes to see how Google keeps more people safe online than anyone else in the world.

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A Google Safety Engineering Center billboard outside a skyscraper.
Google Safety and Engineering Centers

Our teams work across privacy, security, content responsibility and family safety around the world. Our GSECs help guide this work, led by experienced engineers, policy specialists and subject matter experts.

A preview of the Google Bug Hunters homepage showing a collage of developer symbols.
Google Bug Hunters

Our global community of Bug Hunters peeks under the hood of our products to keep them working the way they’re intended and make the internet a safer place.

Three professionals collaborating in front of a computer, as one of them demonstrates cybersecurity to his two colleagues.
Google Cybersecurity Action Team

We deploy the world’s premier security advisory team to support the security and digital transformation of governments, critical infrastructure, enterprises, and small businesses.

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