Building a safer,
more trusted internet.

Led by an experienced team of engineers, the Google Safety Engineering Center is the global hub for Google’s internet safety work. By understanding the problem, developing solutions, partnering with others, and empowering users everywhere, we can build a better, safer internet for all.

The people behind
the Google Safety
Engineering Center.

The Google Safety Engineering Center team is made up of hundreds of engineers, product experts, designers, and researchers, all working toward building a better, safer internet.

a picture of Stephan Micklitz
Germany is where the debate on protecting personal data in many ways began. In 2009, Google moved a significant part of its online security and data privacy work to Munich. Now, it’s extending its commitment to Germany and internet safety with the Google Safety Engineering Center.
Stephan Micklitz
a picture of Carmela Acevedo
Users should be able to understand as much about online privacy and security as they want to, while always being sure that they are safe.
Carmela Acevedo
a picture of Jan-Phillipp Weber
Privacy and security are essential and highly personal; and both should be effortless to achieve.
Jan-Philipp Weber
a picture of Elyse Bellamy
We aim to equip users with controls to determine data they feel comfortable sharing with Google and to choose how long they consider that data to be helpful. Intuitive designs make it simple for users to find, use, and manage their data and privacy preferences.
Elyse Bellamy
a picture of Jochen Eisinger
We want users to be in control of their online privacy and security without them having to worry about it. Users want to browse the internet, and we need to provide them with safe and reasonable default settings when they do so.
Jochen Eisinger
a picture of Audrey An
Everyone has a right to privacy regardless of resources or technical skill. Our goal is to build tools that enable everyone to choose what's right for them and what they're doing at that moment.
Audrey An
a picture of Sabine Borsay
People should be able to browse the internet safely, while feeling in control of their experience. Strong default protections and easy-to-use privacy and security settings are the cornerstones of user safety online and our daily ambition.
Sabine Borsay
Behind the scenes at the
Google Safety Engineering Center.

We speak to users around the world to understand their concerns about online safety. We give our team of engineers the space, inspiration, 
and support to develop the next-generation solutions the internet needs.


Learn how we create and share safety technologies that raise industry standards for everyone.