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Your phone is at the heart of your digital life, which means that it’s the place where some of your most personal and private information lives. That’s why we designed the Pixel phone with security and privacy at its core.

All the ways that Pixel
keeps your data safe.

Security by design

Your data is protected by multiple layers of security, inside and out.


Authentication helps make sure that only you have access to your phone.

Pixel intelligence

On-device intelligence helps keep your data more private.

Protection and controls

Easy-to-use privacy controls and proactive security for what you download, browse and share.

Security by design

We designed Pixel’s hardware and software to work together to help keep your phone and data private, safe and secure.

The Titan™ M chip

The Titan™ M chip

The enterprise-grade Titan M security chip was custom built to help protect your most sensitive data. Derived from the same chip that we use to protect Google Cloud data centres, it handles your most sensitive processes and information, such as passcode protection, encryption and secure transactions in apps.

On-device intelligence

Google has been using machine learning (ML) to make our products more helpful for many years, including on Pixel phones. On-device intelligence uses ML models that are on your phone to power features like Now Playing and the Recorder app. This keeps more of your data on your phone and private to you.

We’ve been pioneering new ways to use ML that keeps more of your data on your device. One of these ways is called federated learning. This new approach combines anonymised information from different devices to train ML models, helping us learn from everyone without learning about anyone individually. Federated learning helps preserve your privacy and allows us to create more helpful products and services like Now Playing. Learn more

Guaranteed and automatic updates

Your Pixel phone automatically receives the latest OS and security updates for at least three years.1 And since Google apps can be updated through Google Play, you get new features and security enhancements in your favourite apps as soon as they’re ready.

Keep going with seamless updates

Instead of interrupting your phone use to install an OS update, Pixel automatically downloads the update and installs it separately in a special section of storage called a partition. This happens entirely in the background, so that you can continue using your phone without any interruption. When the update is installed and you’re ready, all you have to do is restart your phone and you’ll have the latest version of the OS.

Verified Boot

Every time you start your Pixel, Titan M and Verified Boot step in to help ensure that the OS that you’re using came from Google and has not been tampered with. Verified Boot also checks the information stored on Titan M to confirm that you have the most recent version of the OS, and stops your Pixel from using anything older. This helps prevent attackers from loading previous versions of the OS that might have known security vulnerabilities, so that your phone stays safe.


Pixel comes with built-in authentication security that helps prevent others from accessing your phone.

Unlocking Pixel

Unlocking Pixel

Unlocking your phone should be easy, fast and secure. Features like Pixel Imprint on Pixel 4a help ensure that only you have access to your phone. They also let you securely make payments in your favourite apps. Your fingerprint data is stored securely and never leaves your phone.

Face unlock on Pixel 4 uses facial recognition that’s processed on your phone, so your face data is never uploaded to the cloud or shared with other services. Face images are never stored or retained. To protect your privacy and security, your face data used for unlocking is securely stored in Pixel's Titan M security chip and is not available to the rest of your phone or the operating system.

Find My Device

If you ever misplace your Pixel, Find My Device can help.2 You can locate your phone and make it ring by signing in to your Google Account on any browser or with the Find My Device app on any Android device.

Find My Device also allows you to lock your phone remotely or display a message on the lock screen, so if someone finds it, they know who to contact. If you’re convinced that it’s lost for good, you can erase all your data remotely. Learn more

Factory reset protection

For enhanced anti-theft protection, every Pixel comes with factory reset protection. This helps ensure that no one can reactivate your phone without your passcode or Google Account password. It’s one of the many ways that we keep your phone safe and secure. Learn more

Pixel intelligence

Our advancements in on-device machine learning and AI make Pixel more helpful while keeping more of your data in your hands.

Now Playing

Now Playing

Your Pixel can recognise music playing around you with Now Playing. Unlike other song-identification services, all the processing happens right on your Pixel. So when a song comes on, your phone compares just a few seconds of music to its on-device music database and quickly identifies what’s playing – all without any audio leaving your phone. Now Playing works fast and is private.

On Pixel 4, Now Playing uses a privacy-preserving technology called federated analytics. It calculates the most frequently recognised songs across all Pixel phones by region, without revealing which songs are heard by any individual phone. Using this aggregated data, it updates the on-device song database with the songs that people are most likely to hear, without Google ever seeing what you listen to. Learn more

Frequent Faces

This Pixel feature learns the people that you photograph the most and captures Top Shot photos where they are smiling and not blinking. To do this, your Pixel processes and saves information about the faces that show up most often in your photos. This information is not tied to any real-world identity. This happens entirely on your device and is never uploaded to Google, associated with your Google Account or shared with other apps. Frequent Faces is off by default and all Frequent Faces data is deleted any time that it’s disabled.

Screen attention

Keep your screen on when you’re looking at it with screen attention. Using machine learning models and the front camera, screen attention prevents your phone screen from going to sleep while it detects that someone is looking at the screen. This analysis happens right on the device and no data is stored, shared or sent to Google. You can turn screen attention on or off at any time within the display settings.

Motion Sense

Motion Sense

Pixel 4 uses a motion-sensing radar chip called Soli and unique software algorithms to recognise gestures and understand when someone’s nearby. You can turn Motion Sense3 on or off at any time. All of the sensor’s data is processed right on your Pixel. It’s never saved or shared with Google services or other apps.

Caller ID and spam protection

Some calls from unknown numbers can be scams. That’s why every Pixel comes with caller ID and spam protection, so that you can see information about callers or businesses not in your contacts, and get warnings about potential spam callers. Learn more

Verified SMS and spam protection for Messages

Verified SMS for Messages will help you to confirm the true identity of the business that’s texting you. The feature works by verifying, on a per-message basis, that content is sent by a specific business. When a message is verified – which is done without sending your messages to Google – you’ll see the business name and logo as well as a verification badge in the message thread.

In addition to verifying the businesses sending you messages, we are working on protecting you from spam in Messages. With spam protection for Messages, we warn you of suspected spam and unsafe websites that we’ve detected. If you see a suspected spam warning in Messages, you can help us improve our spam models by letting us know if it’s spam or not. You can also report spam texts in Messages at any time, and block the conversation so that you won’t receive future messages.

Call Screen

Pixel also has Call Screen,4 a feature that uses Google Assistant to help you find out who’s calling and why before you pick up. It helps you save time and avoid unwanted calls. To protect your privacy, the transcription of your call happens entirely on your device. Learn more


Pixel’s default keyboard allows you to communicate with your friends and family in different ways – including glide typing, voice and gesture. You can toggle between 900+ languages and share GIFs, emojis, stickers and more without switching apps. To keep what you type private, Gboard uses a machine learning approach called federated learning. It ensures that your messages stay on the device, while still allowing Google to improve how autocorrect, word suggestions and emoji suggestions work on Gboard. Learn more

Live Caption

With a single tap, Live Caption5 automatically transcribes media and phone calls on your phone. You can use it for phone calls and on videos, podcasts and audio messages – even stuff you record yourself. Live Caption works on your device, so as soon as speech is detected, captions will appear on your screen. All the data stays on your phone.

Top Shot

When Top Shot is turned on, an on-device computer vision model identifies the best frames from your photos, based on qualities like lighting, expressions and composition. Top Shot then recommends the best images to you. All of this happens right on your phone and none of the alternative shots are ever uploaded to the cloud unless you choose to save them.

Google Assistant6

Google Assistant helps you get more done using your voice. Your Pixel’s Google Assistant is designed to wait in standby mode until it detects an activation, like the phrase 'Hey Google'. When it’s in standby mode, Google Assistant won't send what you are saying to Google or anyone else.

Protection and controls

Pixel takes proactive steps to protect your data and gives you detailed controls over what you share.

Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect

All the apps in the Google Play Store undergo rigorous security testing before they’re approved. Our machine learning system scans up to 100 billion apps every day, continuously working behind the scenes to keep your device, data and apps safe from malware. It scans your apps before, during and after download – regardless of where you’re downloading them from. Learn more

Safe Browsing

Google’s Safe Browsing technology helps protect your Pixel from phishing attacks by showing you warnings any time that you attempt to navigate to dangerous sites or download dangerous files. Safe Browsing also notifies webmasters when their websites are compromised by malicious actors and helps them diagnose and resolve the problem.

Safe Browsing is designed to keep you secure while protecting your privacy. It stores a list of flagged sites on your device. If you visit a site that’s on the list, your browser sends Google a partial copy of the site’s URL so that we can take action. Google doesn’t know which site you actually visited from the information that you share. Learn More


Apps that you download are required to get your permission before accessing sensitive data like your photos or location. Permission requests are designed to be contextual, so you won’t get them until you need them at that moment. If you ever change your mind, you can turn permissions off at any time in settings. For your location data, you have additional controls to allow specific apps access to your location in the background, access to your location only while using the app, or no access at all.

Google Account settings

Google products and services like YouTube, Search and Google Maps use your activity data to be more helpful and relevant. But control over how we use this information is an individual choice that belongs to you. We keep you informed about what data we collect, how it’s used and why. And we’ve built easy-to-use data controls into your Google Account, so that you can choose the privacy settings that are right for you. Learn More

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