Building a safer,
more trusted Internet.

Today, we have Google teams working across privacy, security, content responsibility and family safety around the world. Our Google Safety Engineering Centres in Munich and Dublin help guide this Internet safety work, led by experienced teams of engineers, policy specialists and subject matter experts.

Munich Centre
GSEC Munich

Our Munich Centre specialises in privacy & security engineering.

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Dublin Centre

Our Dublin Centre specialises in content responsibility.

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Our approach to
safety engineering.

We speak to people around the world to understand their concerns about Internet safety. We give our teams of experts space, inspiration and support to develop the next-generation solutions to help improve safety online.


We ask and listen to understand present and future threats to Internet safety


We develop new and relevant engineering solutions in response


We empower people to keep themselves safe with tools, events, resources and initiatives


We collaborate with policymakers to share knowledge and tackle complex issues

Cybersecurity advancements

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