Strengthening cybersecurity in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region

Google is committed to making the internet safe and secure, as a partner in supporting cybersecurity in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region.


Google aims to strengthen cooperation with various stakeholders, including governments, and promote initiatives to ensure that everyone can use the Internet safely and securely. We will also work to provide research support and training programs in collaboration with academic institutions in Japan and other Asia-Pacific countries, with the aim of contributing to the improvement of cybersecurity standards and sustainable growth throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Policy Dialogue

Promotion of dialogue through seminars and panel discussions with stakeholders from industry, academia, and government, as well as raising awareness and sharing of knowledge, and collaboration with the government towards technical standardization.

Cybersecurity Trainings

Human resource development training programs tailored to levels from beginner to expert.

Research Partnership

Joint research with universities and government agencies on cybersecurity-related technologies.

Cybersecurity Training Courses

Google provides cybersecurity courses for a wide range of needs, from beginners to advanced users.

Cybersecurity Insights: Interviews with Google Experts

In this series, Google brings you in-depth conversations with its cybersecurity professionals. Discover cutting-edge strategies, learn about emerging threats, and get insights to safeguard.

Messages from staff of Google Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

At Google, various cybersecurity experts are working to strengthen cybersecurity in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region.

Junichiro Uchiyama headshot

In today's digital age, the significance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated. At Google's Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, we are dedicated to tackling the complex challenges this field presents. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and insightful collaborations across industry, government, and academia, we aim to enhance Japan's cybersecurity infrastructure. Our mission is to provide sustainable, reliable security solutions that contribute to the resilience of our society as a whole, ensuring a safer digital environment for everyone.

Junichiro Uchiyama

Interim Lead, Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

Kazuya Okubo headshot

Cybersecurity human resource development is essential for Japanese society, and Google will contribute to human resource development through a variety of training programs. Google will also provide US$15 million through the APAC Cybersecurity Fund to help 300,000 SMBs, non-profit organizations, and social enterprises in 13 locations across the Asia Pacific region to strengthen their cybersecurity.

Kazuya Okubo

Government Affairs and Public Policy Manager

Masahiro Iwata headshot

Google uses cutting-edge technology to ensure that all of its products are designed to be secure by default. We are committed to creating a society where every person can utilize the internet safely and securely, by advancing products and programs, collaborating with the governemt and private sector.

Masahiro Iwata

Brand Marketing Manager

Ryan Rahardjo headshot

The internet itself is a multi-stakeholder system, and protecting citizens online requires collaboration. We must work together to secure the ecosystem holistically from ever-changing future attacks. With this Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, we hope to foster collaboration and conversation among public and private sectors, and build more trust that becomes the foundation of digital economy and innovation in Japan, and across the Asia-Pacific region.
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Ryan Rahardjo

Public Affairs Lead, Government Affairs and Public Policy, Google Asia Pacific

Sayuri Taware headshot

For the Japanese economy to make further growth, it is critical that SMBs make great progress, but especially for SMBs with limited resources, investment and human resources are key challenges. Google is also working to strengthen cyber security for SMBs by providing platforms such as Google Cloud, which incorporates cutting-edge cyber security technologies, and Grow with Google training programs tailored to various needs.

Sayuri Tawara

Brand Marketing Manager

Saeko Hashimura

With the world increasingly interconnected through the internet and digital transformation (DX) rapidly gaining pace, cybersecurity has become a critical issue for organizations looking to ensure business continuity and growth. Google Cloud Security not only contributes to enhanced security through its robust and secure platform and cutting-edge technologies such as AI, but also actively shares real-time threat intelligence and insights with the broader community, working to strengthen the overall cyber defense capabilities.

Saeko Hashimura

Security Marketing Lead, Google Cloud

Nobuya Chida

When looking back on the history of cybersecurity, threat actors have evolved their strategy, operations and tactics by exploiting vulnerabilities arising from the development of digital society. This reflects the reality that threat actors have adapted to security controls by learning from defenders while controlling the impact of sanctions. During this time, the defense side has always borne a high cost, but the cost increase imposed on threat actors has been limited. To correct this imbalance, it is extremely important that individual actions expand into a collective and collaborate.

We need to create an environment that transforms the power of the "individual" into the power of the "group" and strive for its sustainable development. The Google Cybersecurity Center of Excellence focused on research, education, and policy development. Its goal is to support the building of robust cyber defense systems at the individual, organizational, and national levels, and to enhance the collective strength derived from this solidarity.

Nobuya Chida

Principal Analyst, Google Cloud

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