Taking on cybersecurity in Málaga.

Located in the heart of Andalusia, GSEC Málaga is an international cybersecurity hub where Google experts work to understand the cyber threat landscape and to create tools that keep businesses, governments, and users around the world safer online.

A closer look at our cybersecurity initiatives.

GSEC Málaga is Google’s flagship cybersecurity center in Europe. Our teams work with European governments, businesses and experts to keep people safer online, advance digital skills and create tools to combat increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

A browser window with an illustration of the VirusTotal malware scanning tool.


Sharing cybersecurity expertise

GSEC Málaga acts as a hub for collaboration on best practices, research and knowledge, bringing together Google experts to work with European policy makers, academics and businesses to enhance our collective understanding of the cyber threat landscape and advance cybersecurity skills and expertise across Europe.

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Threat detection and response

GSEC Málaga brings together a broad range of Google experts and teams to do what they do best: building and developing cutting-edge research and tools. Working together, Google teams including VirusTotal, Mandiant and Chronicle Security Operations undertake research and create tools to protect against increasingly sophisticated threats and malicious actors - built on a foundation of speed, open source and AI.

Meet the people behind GSEC Málaga.

The Google Safety Engineering Center team is made up of cybersecurity experts from Spain and across Europe who are dedicated to building a safer Internet.

Headshot of Bernardo Quintero

“Google has a long history of working to keep people safe online, and GSEC Málaga contributes to this mission of making the Internet a safer place.”

Bernardo Quintero

Founder, VirusTotal

Headshot of Ángela Casal Bernardini

“We are creating a security ecosystem where everyone contributes and benefits.”

Ángela Dini

Head of Design, VirusTotal

Headshot of Emiliano Martinez

“We shed light into cyber attacks and adversarial patterns. This allows us to empower organizations to counter threats and proactively protect their data, employees, users and business.”

Emiliano Martinez

Lead Product Manager, VirusTotal

Headshot of Marta Gómez

“I create cybersecurity solutions that people use to defend themselves against cyber criminals.”

Marta Gómez

Software Engineer

Headshot of Juan Infantes

“Our mission is to build a safer internet for families, businesses and governments across Europe and the world.”

Juan Infantes

Tech Lead, VirusTotal

Headshot of Paloma Simon

“At GSEC Malaga, we share our expertise with the community, using our space as a platform for cyber engagement at all levels.”

Paloma Simon

GSEC Malaga Program Manager

Headshot of Karl Hiramoto

“To help keep users safe online, VirusTotal organizes the world's information on malicious files and URLs and makes it universally accessible and useful.”

Karl Hiramoto

Senior Software Engineer

Headshot of Vicente Díaz

"Our goal is to help people stay safe online by making threat intelligence as actionable, understandable and useful as possible"

Vicente Díaz

Software Engineer


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