Protecting the critical infrastructure we all rely on.

Widespread cyberattacks threaten to disrupt our schools, hospitals and government services. We deploy advanced security protections to ensure the critical infrastructure India relies on is safer with Google.

Cybersecurity Workforce

We’re preparing individuals with the critical skills needed to fill the growing number of entry-level jobs in the field of cybersecurity.


We're helping eliminate cyber threats targeting hospitals by safeguarding the platforms and systems they rely on.

Small Businesses

Our automated threat detection and cybersecurity training help keep small businesses safe and secure from cyber attacks.

Partnering for a safer future.

We partner with organizations to help keep vital public infrastructure safe and secure from cyber threats.

An inside look at the state of cybersecurity today.

Our cybersecurity leaders reflect on what it takes to ensure a secure future in the face of evolving cyber threats.

Royal Hansen headshot

“One of the most important bodies of work that we're engaged in is the training and the enablement of the cybersecurity workforce. There are expected to be 1.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2025. Our new cybersecurity certificate will enable hundreds of thousands of people to get trained to help energy companies, to help hospitals, to help schools defend themselves.”
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Royal Hansen

VP, Privacy, Safety, & Security Engineering

Heather Adkins headshot

“I’m encouraged to see our own ‘Secure by Default’ approach gain momentum across the industry. When you put a device in the hands of a consumer or enterprise, they don’t need to run through a checklist to secure it. Instead, they get the seatbelts, the airbags, the roll bars. This shift from how technology has operated for the last 25 years is a game-changer for our collective security.”
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Heather Adkins

VP, Security Engineering

Phil Venables headshot

“Security is baked into everything we do, rather than bolted on. But we're in this together. We believe it’s also the responsibility of technology companies and major organizations to push for more secure defaults and user-level customer controls. This shared fate approach extends beyond just Google Cloud and our customers - it affects all the clouds - making industry collaboration critical."
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Phil Venables

CISO, Google Cloud

Ask our cybersecurity experts.

Our cybersecurity experts weigh in on some of the top searched security questions, sharing steps you can take today to protect yourself and your organization from cyberattacks.

Phishing vs smishing vs vishing

The terminology around cyberattacks can be confusing. Our cybersecurity expert explains how to identify common security scams.

How to know if a link is safe

Google Safe Browsing helps protect billions of devices every day by warning users when they attempt to navigate to dangerous sites or download dangerous files.

Explore how Google helps keep everyone safer online.