Privacy tools that
put you in control.

When it comes to privacy, we know one size does not fit all. That’s why we build controls that are easy to use so you can choose the privacy settings that are right for you.

Control what data is saved
to your Google Account

Activity Controls

Control what data gets saved

Using Activity Controls, you can decide what types of activity are tied to your account to personalize your experience across Google services. You can pause specific types of data from being saved in your account – like your Search and browsing activity, YouTube History, or Location History.

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Set your data to automatically delete

To give you even more control, Auto-delete settings let you choose a time limit for how long you want to keep your activity data. Data older than the limit you choose will be continuously and automatically deleted from your account. This makes it easy for you to set it and forget it, but you can always go back and update these settings at any time.

Auto-delete your activity

My Activity

Delete data from your account anytime

My Activity is the central place where you can find everything you’ve searched, viewed, and watched using our services. To make it easier to recall your past online activity, we give you tools to search by topic, date, and product. You can permanently delete specific activities or even entire topics that you don’t want associated with your account.

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Choose the privacy
that are
right for you.

Privacy Checkup

Take the Privacy Checkup

In just a few minutes, you can choose what types of data are saved to your Google Account, update what you share with friends or make public, and adjust the types of ads you would like us to show you. You can change these settings as often as you want and even choose to have regular reminders sent.

Control your privacy,
right from the apps
you use every day.

Incognito Mode

Turn on Incognito mode in Chrome, Search, YouTube, and Maps

First launched in Chrome, Incognito mode has since become available in our most popular apps. In YouTube, Search on iOS, and Maps, just tap from your profile picture to easily turn it on or off. When you turn on Incognito mode in Maps and YouTube, your activity, like the places you search for or the videos you watch, won't be saved to your Google Account. Browsing history and cookies from your Incognito session are deleted from Chrome once you close all Incognito windows.

Your Data In

Control your data, right from your apps

We’ve made it easier for you to make decisions about your data directly within the Google services you use every day. For example, without ever leaving Search, you can review and delete your recent Search activity, get quick access to relevant privacy controls from your Google Account, and learn more about how Search works with your data. You can access these controls in Search, Maps, and Google Assistant.

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