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Building family-friendly experiences

We build special features – like smart filters, site blockers, and content ratings – into many of our products to make them more enjoyable for your family.

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Finding content and experiences for children

  • Discover a world of learning and fun with YouTube Kids

    We created YouTube Kids to be a safer environment for kids to explore their interests through online videos. We make it easier for you to curate family fun through a suite of parental controls:

    • Set a timer to put limits on watch time and check in on their watch history in “Watch it again”.
    • Allow your kids to watch only collections of channels selected by trusted third parties or the YouTube Kids team.
    • Hand pick every video or channel that appears in the app using Parent Approved Content.
    • Turn search off for a more contained experience of channels that have been verified by the YouTube Kids team.
    • Block videos or channels from your kids’ app or flag them for review if you believe they don’t belong on YouTube Kids.

    Together, we use a mix of filters, user feedback, and human reviewers to keep the videos in YouTube Kids family-friendly. But no system is perfect and inappropriate videos can slip through, so we’re constantly working to improve our safeguards and offer even more parental controls.

  • Creating a welcoming place for families on Google Play

    To help you decide what’s right for your child, read reviews and look for the family star badge on apps and games. The star badge signifies that the content has been more carefully reviewed and it was developed with kids in mind. It also includes a suggested age range for the content.

    Check content ratings to understand an app’s maturity and set filters based on those ratings to decide what’s right for your child. If you want to know whether an app contains ads, in-app purchases, or requires device permissions, you can check the additional information section on the app’s store page.

  • Find experiences to enjoy with your family using Google Assistant

    Your Assistant has activities to keep the whole family entertained – everything from helping with family game night to playing musical chairs. Currently there are more than 50 games, activities, and stories in the Assistant for Families program. Each of these activities has been reviewed and approved by our Trust and Safety team, so you know that they’ll be family-friendly.

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Giving you tools to manage your family’s experience online

  • Block explicit sites on Google Search with SafeSearch filters

    The SafeSearch setting is designed to block explicit images, videos, and websites from Google Search results to avoid pornography and graphic violence. However, it is not a perfect tool and you may still find explicit results. In those cases, you can report it – that kind of feedback helps us make the SafeSearch setting better for everyone.

  • Block out mature videos on YouTube with Restricted Mode

    By turning on the YouTube Restricted Mode setting, we can help screen out potentially mature content that you may not want your teens to see. In addition to filtering out videos age-restricted by our team of reviewers, our automated system also looks at signals like the video’s metadata, title, and the language used in the video. When Restricted Mode is enabled, you will also not be able to see comments on the videos you watch to avoid any unwanted discussion.

  • Set device time outs and block inappropriate content with Google Wifi

    Google Wifi helps you make sure your kids are seeing appropriate content. To help avoid the bad stuff, Google Wifi offers advanced site blocking to automatically block millions of explicit websites, like sites with pornography or graphic violence, from your kids’ devices. You can also schedule a Wi-Fi pause during an important moment like homework time, outdoor time, or bedtime. By using the labels feature that comes with Google Wifi, you can even apply different filters and pauses for each device on your network.

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Two kids wearing headphones as they engage with a Chromebook

Giving students and educators tools for safer, more secure online learning

  • Building security into G Suite for Education

    G Suite for Education helps teachers and students interact securely across devices. There are no ads in G Suite for Education core services, and for G Suite for Education users in primary through secondary (K-12) schools, we do not use any user personal information to target ads. We also provide tools to help administrators set policies around appropriate activities and help protect students using their school Google Accounts. We are committed to providing schools with tools and resources to help make informed decisions around the G Suite for Education services used by their students.

  • Making sure Chromebooks are safe for the classroom

    Millions of students use Chromebooks – Google’s laptops – in the classroom. We let administrators manage group settings to give students as much or as little functionality or access as the school chooses. Our privacy and security features help keep kids’ personal data protected and have helped make Chromebooks the top choice in U.S. K-12 schools and many schools in other countries for the past four years.

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