Taking on content responsibility in Dublin.

Located in our European headquarters, GSEC Dublin is a regional hub for Google experts working to tackle the spread of illegal and harmful content and a place where we can share this work with policymakers, researchers and regulators.

A closer look at our content responsibility initiatives.

Dublin is a hub for our Trust and Safety teams, including policy experts, specialists and analysts working to keep people safe online with the latest technology and artificial intelligence. These initiatives provide additional transparency into their work.

How YouTube Works

A look at our policies, products, and actions

Every day, millions of people come to YouTube to be informed, inspired or delighted. Over time, questions have come up about how YouTube works, so we've created this site to provide some answers – and to explain what we're doing to foster a responsible platform that the users, creators and artists who make up our community can rely on.

Child Safety tools

Fighting child abuse and exploitation online

Google is committed to fighting child sexual abuse material (CSAM) online and preventing our platforms from being used to spread this kind of content. We invest heavily in fighting child exploitation online and use our proprietary technology to deter, detect, and remove offences on our platforms. We also use our technical expertise to develop and share tools to help other organizations detect and remove CSAM from their platforms.

The Transparency Report

Sharing data on access to information

Since 2010, Google has regularly shared the Transparency Report to shed light on how the policies and actions of governments and corporations affect privacy, security and access to information. Our Transparency Report site includes data on content removal requests from governments, content delistings due to copyright, YouTube Community Guideline enforcement and political advertising on Google, among others.

Meet the people behind GSEC Dublin.

The Google Safety Engineering Center team is made up of hundreds of analysts, engineers, policy experts, researchers and other experts, all working toward building a better, safer Internet.

Amanda Storey

“GSEC Dublin will make it easier for regulators, policymakers and researchers to gain a hands-on understanding of how we deal with content safety.”

Amanda Storey


Helen O’Shea

“Our mission is to protect the people using our products, to earn their trust and that of our partners and the communities where we operate, and to help Google stay ahead of abuse and bad actors.”

Helen O’Shea


Mary Phelan

“Our systematic processes framework allows us to help people find authoritative information from expert sources, while also protecting our users from clearly dangerous and harmful content.”

Mary Phelan


Claire Lilley photo

"Every day, our teams are working through the question of how to facilitate access to information on our platforms while at the same time protecting those platforms and the people using them from abuses and harm... both online harm and potential offline harm."

Claire Lilley


Brian Crowley photo

"Through GSEC, regulators will be able to access more information about how our content moderation systems and other technologies work in practice, in a secure location that safeguards the confidentiality of user information."

Brian Crowley


Nuria Gómez Cadahía photo

"When it comes to the content on our platforms, we have a responsibility to safeguard the people and businesses using our products, and to do so with clear, transparent policies and processes."

Nuria Gómez Cadahía


Ollie Irwin photo

"Dublin is a hub for our Trust and Safety teams in the region, comprising many different policy experts, specialists and engineers working to keep people safe online by using the latest technology and artificial intelligence."

Ollie Irwin


Behind the scenes
at the Google Safety Engineering Center.

We speak to users around the world to understand their concerns about Internet safety. We give our team of engineers space, inspiration and support to develop next-generation solutions to help improve safety online.


Learn how we keep more people safe online than anyone else in the world.