Helping make the
online world safer.

Making technology for everyone means protecting everyone who uses it. We’re committed to building and sharing privacy and security technologies that protect our users and push the industry forward.

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Innovating to keep our
users safer online.

As new threats arise and user needs evolve, we are continuously innovating to automatically protect the private information of every user, at every risk level, across all our products.

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Federated Learning

Building helpful products with less data

Federated learning is a data minimization technology pioneered at Google that brings machine learning (ML) intelligence right to your device. This new approach combines anonymized information from different devices to train ML models. Federated learning helps preserve your privacy by keeping as much personal information on your device as possible.

Advanced Protection Program

Google’s strongest security, for those who need it most

The Advanced Protection Program safeguards the personal Google Accounts of those at higher risk of targeted online attacks – like journalists, activists, business leaders, and political campaign teams. The program provides comprehensive account security against a wide range of threats and continuously evolves to add new protections.

Raising industry standards
to make the internet
safer for everyone.

We want to protect our users whenever they’re online by strengthening the security of the entire internet, not just Google products and services. We create some of the world’s most advanced privacy and security technologies and share many of them openly for others to adopt.

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HTTPS encryption

Helping secure sites across the web with advanced encryption

Backing our services with HTTPS encryption ensures you can securely connect to sites and enter your private information like credit card numbers without anyone intercepting your information. We’ll continue investing to make sure our sites and services provide modern HTTPS by default, and we’ll help the rest of the web make the move to HTTPS too by providing tools and resources to all developers.

Differential Privacy

Helping organizations anonymize data with differential privacy

Differential privacy is an advanced anonymization technology that allows us to gain insights from data without compromising the anonymity of our users. We spent over a decade building the largest library of differential privacy algorithms in the world and we open-sourced the library to help organizations easily apply the same privacy protections to their data.

Google Safety Engineering Center
Designing the future
of online safety.

Led by an experienced team of engineers, the Google Safety Engineering Center is the global hub for Google’s internet safety work. By understanding the problem, developing solutions, partnering with others, and empowering users everywhere, we can build a better, safer internet for all.

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